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Aquamarine Falls

March 15 2024

It had been decades since Randall had felt this level of loss. It was as if he was witnessing the slaughter of the Bedland Brotherhood all over again with the new family he had stumbled into. It seemed like no matter how hard he tried he couldn't keep those important to himself safe. Without all of his magic the task seemed harder than ever. Would he be able to protect what is left of his new family? Is there any hope to return the ones lost?

Greed & Charity

October 18, 2024

Alessia stopped her mother, Risna, from reigning destruction on her town but was unable to stop her from making a getaway. Now it is a race to stop Risna before she can get her hands on another Artifact that can be used to manipulate the undead under her control. Suddenly her world is thrown off kilter when there is a knock at the door, with an unsuspected surprise.

Greed & Charity.jpg


Ana Michelle was raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, with two younger siblings. Reading books was the best way to get through the winters there. Ana started writing in the sixth grade as her escape during summer vacations. Since the first time she sat down with a computer to type her first story, her aspiration was to be a writer. Garnet Fire is her debut novel and the first book in the Gemstone Witch Series.

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