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Urban Fantasy Author



July 22, 2022

Raylene Westergaurd just wants to save her clan of shifters.

Raylene had been raised from birth to be a queen. To take care of her people and make sure that they would continue on. A cruel twist of fate has made it so that under her reign her people will never flourish or grow. She knows that the only true way to uphold the last promise she made to her father, to take care of their people, was to step down from her birth right and give up her crown.

Alaric Malloy just wants to live his quiet life.

Alaric had never wanted to be anything more than a small town, blue collar, working man. But fate had changed his life when he became a shifter. While he had maintained his small town life, he had become the Alpha of the pack of shifters that resided there. Now, another cruel twist of fate brings him something he wants even more than his quiet life, and something he knows he cant have.

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February 17, 2023

Zander was in shock. Everything had gone wrong in New Orleans and now someone was dead. To retrieve the Artifacts Zander will have to return to the coven and his family who he had long ago turned his back on. The Seers Circle had always been the least feared of the twelve covens and it wasn't a wonder why. Being good at prophecy wasn't exactly dangerous, but that didn't mean it wasn't useful.



Ana Michelle was raised in Southeastern Wisconsin, with two younger siblings. Reading books was the best way to get through the winters there. Ana started writing in the sixth grade as her escape during summer vacations. Since the first time she sat down with a computer to type her first story, her aspiration was to be a writer. Garnet Fire is her debut novel and the first book in the Gemstone Witch Series.